Meet the Chaplains

Name Denomination Assignment Area Email
Ad​ams, Michael Lutheran​ Aviation Command CONTACT
Ayers, Phillip R  Methodist Police Academy CONTACT
Barnes, Walter Pentecostal Golden Ring Barrack CONTACT
Brookman, Robert H Methodist Glen Burnie Barrack CONTACT
Brooks, Charles Seventh Day Adventist    
Chimiak, Karl A Catholic ​College Park Barrack CONTACT
​Cohen, Jack North East Barrack​
Drucker, Ian Church of Christ Waterloo Barrack CONTACT
Feceteau, Raymond Catholic Rockville Barrack CONTACT
Hammond, James Seventh Day Adventist Forestville Barrack CONTACT
Hubbeler, Arthur III   Fire Marshal​
Jones, James Methodist North East Barrack CONTACT
Kenney, Jeremiah F Catholic Executive Staff  
Lowenthal, Norman Jewish Golden Ring Barrack CONTACT
Luterman, Melvin Jewish Westminster Barrack CONTACT
Moyers, James Nazarene North East Barrack &
JFK Memorial Highway Barrack
Paulson, Jeffrey Methodist Glen Burnie Barrack CONTACT
Payne, Norman Lutheran Golden Ring Barrack  
Penn, Yvonne Methodist
Phillips, Harold Michael Baptist North East Barrack CONTACT
Phillips, Thomas Catholic Waterloo Barrack  
​Purks, Jonathan ​Frederick Barrack
Sterling, William Methodist Berlin Barrack CONTACT
Wachter, Robert Samuel Methodist McHenry Barrack CONTACT
Weatherholt, Anne Episcopal Hagerstown Barrack CONTACT
Weatherholt, F. Allen Episcopal Hagerstown Barrack CONTACT