Station Licensees, Controllers, Supervisors and Mechanics

The Maryland State Police (MSP) Automotive Safety Enforcement Division (ASED) licenses and oversees the operation of all authorized inspection stations in Maryland. To review the regulations governing the operation of inspection stations see COMAR sections -

If you are interested in applying for a license to operate an authorized inspection station, Please download the Application and instructions (MSP form # 23-1) Initial Application for Authorized Inspection Station License. Please complete the application and attach required documents and mail to the address stated on the application. Question concerning the application process can be sent to Typically, you must submit the following documentation:

  • Application for Authorized Inspection License (form #MSP 23-1) – Be sure to complete both sides of the form and that all of the license classes in which you are interested are checked. For information about the types of vehicles that can be inspected by each class of station and other requirements related to the operation of an inspection station, see COMAR section
  • Zoning Approval Form (form #OPSCS-MSP 23-59) - A zoning official from the jurisdiction where the inspection station is located must sign the form indicating that the business meets all zoning requirements, including the issuance and use of an occupancy permit, if one is required.
  • Fire safety inspection report
  • Trader’s License (copy) – A copy of a Trader’s License is required if you will be selling items over the counter to customers. The license can be obtained from the Circuit Court in the jurisdiction where your facility is located.
  • Power of Attorney - This form is required if the person who applies is a duly authorized representative of the company or corporation, but not an owner, partner or corporate officer.

As part of the ASED’s review process, Maryland State Police personnel will visit your facility to confirm that it meets all location, equipment and personnel requirements.


The fee for applying to become an authorized inspection station is $100. Payment must be in the form of a money order, certified check or business check. Cash or personal checks cannot be accepted.

The fee for renewing the license each year is $50.
Additional fees may be charged if significant changes occur in the station’s operation, such as its location or ownership.

Important Information


    The Division and the MVA are working on an Electronic Inspection Certificate. Please review the Initial Notification Letter for information. 

  ASEDAICSLetter.pdfASED AICS Letter.pdf

UPDATE: Senate Bill 389 authorizing the use of the Electronic Inspection Certificate has been passed by the legislature and is now awaiting the Governor's signature. Look for more information soon.

Annual inspection station license renewal begins April 1st. Please download the renewal form and instructions from the Download page.

The form can also be located by clicking here.

Please remember the infomation entered on the renewal form must match that which is on file with the Division or it will be returned. Changes require a new application (located on the Download Page).

ASED Form 23-76 Monthly Station Equipment Calibration / Operation Check log has been addded to the Download Page and is located in the Download section (Click here)