How to File a Complaint


Pursuant to State and Federal EEO laws, an employee or applicant may file a written complaint within 30 days after he/she knew or reasonably should have known of the alleged violation with the Maryland Department of State Police, Office of Fair Practices located at 1201 Reisterstown Road, Building C, 3rd Floor, Pikesville, MD  21208.


After receiving the complaint, the agency Equal Employment Opportunity Officer shall investigate and recommend a proposed decision to the head of the principal unit.  The head of the principal unit shall issue a written decision to the complainant and may grant any appropriate relief.


Within 10 days after receipt of the decision letter from the agency, the complainant may appeal, in writing to the Department of Budget and Management, Office of the Statewide Equal Employment Opportunity Coordinator (OSEEOC) located at 301 West Preston Street, Baltimore, MD  21201, Room 301, Baltimore, MD  21201


After receiving the appeal, the Statewide Equal Employment Opportunity Coordinator shall review the complaint and the agency decision and may conduct any necessary investigation.  The Office of the Statewide Equal Employment Opportunity Coordinator shall issue the final decision which may be to grant the relief requested by the complainant or dismiss the complaint.

The employee or applicant may also file a complaint with:

The Maryland Commission on Civil Rights (MCCR) at Maryland Commission on Civil Rights, 6 Saint Paul Street, Suite 900, Baltimore, Maryland 21202-1631, Phone: 410-767-8600 within 180 days.


The United States Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (U.S. EEOC), 10 South Howard Street, 3rd Floor, Baltimore, Maryland 21201, Phone: 410-962-3932 within 300 days.