MSP Equal Opportunity Policy Statement


It is the policy of the Maryland Department of State Police to afford equal employment opportunity to qualified individuals regardless of their sex, age, ancestry, race, color, creed, gender Identity/Expression, national origin, religious affiliation belief or opinion, sexual orientation, marital status, genetic information or disability.  In addition, the Maryland State Police does not condone, nor will it tolerate Sexual Harassment or gender-based basis in any form or to any degree.  This policy shall prevail in all matters of employee relations, including but not limited to: opportunities for employment; promotion; assignment; transfer; education and training; supervision; performance appraisals; internal investigations; and processes of discipline, demotion and termination;


            Any form of harassment or retaliation for reporting discrimination will not be tolerated.  Threats or acts of retaliation against witnesses testifying in regard to discrimination or harassment are likewise prohibited.


            The Department’s Office of Fair practices (OFP) shall serve as the repository for all discrimination, harassment and retaliation complaints.  This office will review, mediate, and monitor complaints to ensure equitable and lawful treatment of all employees.  Any employee subject to, or witness to, discrimination or harassment situation(s), regardless of how subtle, may report the incident (s) to the OFP.  Incidents of Sexual Harassment may be reported to a supervisor, a commander, the Internal Affairs Unit, or the OFP within 30 days.  Employees have the option to pursue any other legal remedy available to them under State and Federal statutes.  Investigations of employee discrimination or harassment shall be conducted thoroughly and promptly.


            Management at every level will be held accountable for upholding and translating into action the provisions of this policy, and maintaining a work environment free from discrimination.  Bureau Chiefs are expected to lead by example in the proper treatment of employees and take appropriate measures to ensure that their bureaus reflect the Department’s policy of zero tolerance for unfair employment practices.  Bureau Chiefs, Commanders and Directors shall disseminate this policy to all persons under their authority and shall conspicuously post copies in the common areas of their respective facilities.  All MSP employees are responsible for adherence to this policy.  Anyone found to be in violation of this policy will be subject to disciplinary action, up to and including termination.  For more information, contact the Office of Fair Practices at 410-653-4379.


            A policy of fair practices supports the belief of the Maryland Department of State Police that, we must treat each other with mutual trust, respect, fairness and dignity.  The strength of our organization in accomplishing its mission depends on the ability of our employees to communicate and function together effectively.  A work environment that nourishes respect and fairness among co-workers enhances morale and encourages similar relationships with the public.