​​Roles and Responsibilities
  • To implement the Department’s equal employment opportunity program and serve as the Department’s point of contact regarding EEO related matters.
  • To review, monitor and conduct timely inquiries into complaints of discrimination, harassment, and retaliation to ensure the equitable and lawful treatment of all employees and applicants.
  • To monitor and evaluate all of the Department’s activities, policies, practices and personnel actions to ensure they are in compliance with federal and State equal employment opportunity provisions and the Governor’s Executive Order on Fair Employment Practices.
  • To prepare position statements in response to complaints of discrimination filed against the Department with the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity, the Maryland Commission on Civil Rights, and the Department of Budget and Management, and any other external EEO enforcement agency.
  • To ensure all Department employees have access to and understand the State’s EEO policies and their rights and responsibilities. We conduct on-site visits to the Department’s barracks, sections and units to ensure required postings are accessible to all employees.
  • To uphold the Department’s policy of zero tolerance regarding acts of sexual harassment, discrimination and inequitable employment practices.
  • To function as an employee relations unit; endeavoring to resolve workplace problems at the lowest level possible, by providing employees, supervisors and commanders/managers with training and information, mediation conferences, referral services and other confidential assistance.