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What Is Maryland FiRST?

Maryland FiRST is a statewide P25 Phase II, 700MHz radio system that is being built by the State of Maryland. The Maryland First Responder Radio System Team (FiRST) is a group of individuals from State agencies building the system. Although this system is being built primarily for state agencies, counties and federal agencies are on, coming on or are using the system.  Counties and local agencies have been instrumental in the success of this system and have allowed costs to be significantly redcued through the use of existing county resources.  This system is designed to provide statewide interoperability across the State, air to ground channels for flight operations and interoperability up to 30 miles into the surrounding states (Pennsylvania, Delaware, Virginia, West Virginia, and the District of Columbia. The system utilizes redundant microwave and fiber as well as redundant cores. Responsibility for project and implementation is under the Department of State Police Interoperability Office. Daily administration of system activities is under the Maryland Department of Information Technology.  Policies, oversight, and operation is under the Statewide Radio Control Board which is comprised of a cross section of senior leaders and representatives from across the State.  

Deployment Status Updates

The project is divided into 5 phases which represent areas of the State.  The northern, central and eastern portions (Phases 1,2,3) of the State are complete. Project construction continues in Western Maryland (Phase 4) which will be complete in late 2017/early 2018. Critical Design Review (CDR) was just completed of Southern Maryland and Prince Georges and Montgomery Counties (Phase 5) which are in the National Capital Region (NCR).    

Over 12,000 State agency users rely on the 700 MHz Public Safety Communications system to support day-to-day and emergency operations. Additionally, more than 19,000 local, other state, and federal public safety radios can access the system during crises or disasters to provide unified operations and support to Marylanders. With the completion of Phase 3 in October 2016, more than two-thirds of the State’s geographical area and over 83% of the State’s citizens live in areas supported by the system. As the system has grown, demand by State agencies to use the system has increased, as it is a proven, cost effective way to provide wide area communications.

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Project Program Manager:  Major Ken Hasenei,
Lead Project Manager: Jennifer Benedictus,
Contract Project Manager: Curt Andrich,
Technical Project Manager: Charles Bryson,

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