Quartermaster Division


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7745 Washington Boulevard
Jessup, MD 20794
Phone: 410-379-9070
Fax: 410-799-0076

Command Staff

Kenneth G. Webster - Director

Vacant - Assistant Commander

Dirk Griffin - Chief Procurement Officer ​


​*The Quartermaster Division promotes a Department-focused environment while procuring goods and services in a  cost-effective manner with the best interest of the service, the Department, the State, its vendors, and the general public.

*The MSP will use its best efforts to ensure Minority Business Enterprises (MBEs), Small Business Reserves (SBRs) and Veteran-Owned Small Business Enterprises (VSBEs) have an equal opportunity to participate in the procurement process.

*Procurement processes shall be ethical, professional, and in accordance with all applicable laws, codes, and statutes.  


As a vendor, your first point of contact should be the appropriate Buyer at Quartermaster.  All vendors are encouraged to make an appointment to present and or discuss goods and services offered by your company.  Any information you p​rovide would be passed along to the appropriate Department personnel.

All prospective vendors must first be registered with e-Maryland Marketplace at www.emarylandmarketplace.com



The MSP has a strong MBE Program in place to increase the business it conducts with MBEs.  MSP encourages minority owned companies to participate in the procurement process.  

One objective at Quartermaster is to meet or beat the State’s goals set for the total procurement money spent with MBEs.

All vendors conducting business with the MSP shall comply with Maryland’s MBE law.

Small Business Reserve and Veteran-Owned Small Business Enterprises are also encouraged to participate in the procurement process.  

To apply to be a registered VSBE visit:


To apply to be a registered MBE visit:


To apply to be a registered SBR visit:


Any MBE vendor can contact our MBE Program Liaison concerning MBE matters:

Dirk Griffin, MBE Program Liaison

7745 Washington Blvd, Jessup MD 20745





Sole source and emergencies are not required to be procured in normal processes.  Furthermore, certain commodities and services are also exempt from the normal procurement process.

Small Purchases

Any number of verbal quotes are used for procurement of commodities equal or less than $5,000.  At least two quotes are required for purchases over $5,000 and less than or equal to $15,000.

Utilization of Other Contracts

It may be in the best interest of the MSP to utilize other competitively procured contracts to take advantage of volume or other advantages in the procurement process.  Which may include the following:

-State of Maryland Contracts

-General Service Administration Agreements

-Other Qualified Piggyback Agreements

-Maryland Correctional Enterprises

-Maryland Works


Competitive Sealed Bids

The purchase of goods or services with specifications is obtained through a formal, competitive sealed bid.

Competitive Sealed Proposals

Competitive sealed proposals are the method for the procurement of professional services.  Different evaluation factors are used to determine the most qualified and experienced company for the work to be completed.

Depending on the solicitation process, MSP may request oral, written or presentations from companies being considered an award which resulted from a competitive solicitation.

An Evaluation Committee will be responsible for evaluating qualifications and capabilities of companies who have submitted proposals in response to the request for proposals/qualifications.  After the final evaluation of the submittals for those competitive solicitations exceeding $250,000, the Evaluation Committee will forward its recommendation to Quartermaster for approval.

Procurement Staff

Maryland State Police procurement officers are available for meetings with vendors on Wednesdays between 9am and 3pm. Please call 410-379-9070 to schedule an appointment.

Name Title Sections
Dirk Griffin Chief Procurement Officer Small Business Reserve Coordinator, Procurement Supervisor


Agency Procurement Specialist Supervisor

Automobiles, Contamination Gear, Service/Maintenance Contracts

Maryanna Aughinbaugh

Agency Procurement Specialist II

Medical, Household/Janitorial, Utility Uniforms, Photo & Lab, Fire Marshal and Forensic Sciences (FSD)

Rene Alono

Agency Procurement Specialist II

Service/Maintenance Contracts, Facilities Management Division Work Orders, Special Orders, Vehicles and Contamination Gear

Michele Helms

Agency Procurement Specialist II

IT, Uniforms, Special Operations Division  

Wendy Franz     Agency                  Officer Supplies, Photocopiers, Printing, Special     
                           Procurement          Orders
                           Specialist I