Voluntary Registration

The registration of a regulated firearm that is not required by Maryland State statute to be registered in the Maryland Automated Firearms Services System (i.e., Firearm(s) that were legally purchased in another state by an individual who resided in that state who has now established residency in the State of Maryland and moved their estate belongings into the State of Maryland, an individual who possesses regulated firearms or other types of firearms not previously registered in the State of Maryland who desires to register it), or an individual who performed a secondary sale of a regulated firearm in Maryland prior to the Gun Violence Act of 1996 (effective October 1, 1996).

An individual wishing to perform a voluntary register a regulated firearm(s) not previously registered in Maryland shall respond to a Maryland State Police Barrack or to the Maryland State Police Licensing Division.  The regulated firearm is not required to be in possession of the applicant at the time of registration.

Licensing Division is located at 1111 Reisterstown Road, Pikesville Maryland 21208. Our lobby hours for voluntary registration are between 10:00 am and 2:00 pm.

When arriving at the Barrack or Licensing Division, make contact with the Duty Officer or receptionist. Advise them that you are attempting to voluntarily register a weapon(s). You will be provided a MSP Form 77R-1 page 1, 77R-1 page 2, 77R-2 and 77R-3, to complete.