Central Receiving Unit

The Central Receiving Unit (CRU) functions as a liaison between the FSD and agencies submitting evidence for scientific analysis and CDS destruction. The unit is composed of one Administrative Officer and three Inventory Control Specialists. The unit’s supervisor serves as the StarLIMS administrator and reports to the FSD Assistant Commander.

The CRU handles a large volume of various types of evidence such as swabs, guns, bullets, soiled clothing, controlled dangerous substances, blood tubes, fingerprint lift cards, and questioned documents. The items are secured in the unit while awaiting analysis and again while pending return to the submitting agency. Personnel assigned to the unit ensure the integrity and protection of each item of evidence.

The CRU administers the Department’s CDS destruction process. During the destruction process, Inventory Control Specialists randomly select a number of cases to be re-tested for quality control. The CRU also coordinates local destruction of marijuana plants with the various Maryland State Police installations.

The CRU is responsible for archiving scientific analytical reports for all sections of the FSD and coordinates the transmittal of files to and from the State Records Management Center. The CRU also maintains Expunged records for the Division.