Computer Support Unit

The Computer Support Unit is a group of IT Division (ITD) employees who are assigned to work out of FSD. As ITD is understaffed and is responsible for supporting the IT system of the entire Department, the ability to have these individuals on-site is essential. One of the IT Quality Assurance Specialists is the StarLIMS Administrator responsible for being the primary liaison between FSD end users and the developers and designers at StarLIMS. This individual not only troubleshoots daily StarLIMS issues but also provides the IT support as FSD continues to expand its use of StarLIMS. The other IT Quality Assurance Specialist works in support of the DNA Tracking System that is associated with the DNA Database samples that FSD receives from qualified convicted offenders and individuals charged and arrested with qualifying crimes. The Computer Network Specialist II is responsible for installing and maintaining computer hardware and software as well as responding to web help desk tickets originating from FSD.