Forensic Support Services Section

The Forensic Support Services Section (FSSS) is the newest official Section at FSD although the Units that make up the FSSS have long been apart of the Division. The FSSS consists of the Photography Unit, the Central Receiving Unit, the Administrative Support Unit, and the Computer Support Unit. These units play such an important role in allowing the FSD to function as efficiently and effectively as possible, that it was decided they should have their own Section by which they can be identified.

All four of the FSSS units are located at the Forensic Sciences Division Pikesville Laboratory. The Photography Unit is supervised by one Forensic Photographer Supervisor and is staffed by one Forensic Photographer. The Central Receiving Unit is supervised by one Administrative Officer and is staffed by three Inventory Control Specialists. The Administrative Support Unit is supervised by one Administrative Specialist III and is staffed by one Administrative Specialist II, an Office Secretary III position (vacant), and a Research Statistician IV. The Computer Support Unit consists of three individuals from the IT Division who are assigned to FSD. This includes two IT Quality Assurance Specialists and one Computer Network Specialist II.