Gang Enforcement Unit Statistics


In 2013 the Gang Enforcement Unit (GEU) has branched out and is more active in communities throughout Maryland. GEU investigators focus on criminal activities that are cross-jurisdictional in an attempt to assist local law enforcement agencies, increase intelligence led policing activities and to reduce the overall crime rate in Maryland.   

In western Maryland the GEU works closely with the Frederick Police Department addressing gang crimes in the downtown area.  In March, a 27 member Bloods criminal street gang set was successfully dismantled with many of its members being indicted and convicted on gang related crimes.   

On Maryland's eastern shore, the GEU works daily with the Salisbury PD Safe Streets Team to address gang violence in and around Salisbury.  In early 2013 a suspect was arrested with 1 kilogram of cocaine and over $500K in drug money. GEU members work the streets daily, combining forces with firearms investigators, drug detectives and allied agency members.

In northeastern Maryland, the GEU is a pillar of the new Safe Streets Initiative in Cecil County, MD. GEU investigators work everyday in the highest crime areas of the county in an effort to reduce violent crime and address the growing problem with opiate addiction in the county.  In March 2013, GEU members arrested a gang member with over one kilogram of heroin and seized three handguns.  

GEU investigators work closely with county detention centers to gather and provide gang intelligence.  They make home visits with members of the MD Division of Parole and Probation to meet with Violence Prevention Initiative (VPI) offenders.  Subjects on VPI are those who need the highest level of supervision, and to date troopers have made 347 home visits.  This practice has greatly increased the cooperation between the gang investigators and Parole and Probation agents, leading to very quick arrests for those who commit violations of their conditions of release.  


In 2012, the Gang Enforcement Unit made 268 on-view criminal arrests, served 161 warrants, identified and validated 146 gang members, executed 51 Search and Seizure Warrants, seized 27 firearms, $37,000 U.S. Currency, 61.4 lbs. of marijuana, 165 grams of cocaine, and 2.37 lbs. of heroin.