Marcos Morales

Age: 19
Race: Hispanic
Sex: Male
Date Reported Missing:
Date of Death: 7/18/1992
Date of Recovery:
Cause: Shooting
County: Somerset
Referring Case Number: X-95-03499

Marcos Morales was a seasonal worker who came to the area to pick fruits and vegetables. After work on July 18, 1992, around 8:10 p.m. Morales and some friends stopped at a bar on Route 667 in Marion, Somerset County, MD to buy a six pack of beer to go. Morales entered the bar alone while his friends waited outside. Morales became involved in an argument with another bar patron (see descriptions below) after one of them took a beer out of the six pack Morales had purchased. The argument moved to the parking lot where Suspect #1 drew a gun and shot Morales killing him. The three suspects fled in a black Cadillac.
Suspect Descriptions:
Suspect #1 - Unidentified Hispanic male armed with a handgun
Suspect #2 - Unidentified Hispanic male wearing a cowboy hat and black cowboy boots with silver tips
Suspect #3 - Unidentified Hispanic male, young with acne scars

Contact Information for this case:
Maryland State Police Homicide

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