Forensic Sciences Division

The Maryland State Police Forensic Sciences Division (MSP-FSD) is comprised of the Office of the Director, the Operational Services Branch and the Scientific Analysis Branch.

The Office of the Director consists of the Director, Deputy Director, Assistant Commander, and Quality Assurance / Safety Manager. This administrative unit is responsible for the overall management of the division. The Director oversees the management of the entire division while the Assistant Commander oversees the Operational Services Branch and the Deputy Director oversees the Scientific Analysis Branch. The Operational Services Branch consists of two Sections comprised of seven Units. The Scientific Analysis Branch consists of four Sections comprised of eleven Units. The personnel within the Operational Services Branch and the Scientific Analysis Branch provide scientific support services to the law enforcement community.

The MSP-FSD operates under the following principles:

Core Values

Our dedication to integrity, fairness, and service ensures that our clients are always provided with reports and expert testimony that are ethical, reliable, and scientifically informative.

Mission Statement

  • To promote morale through a respectful and unified work environment.
  • To meet the forensic science needs of Maryland and its citizens.
  • To maintain accreditation with ASCLD/LAB and compliance with all oversight requirements.
  • To minimize backlogs and turn around time.
  • To operate in a planned, prepared, and proactive manner.

Vision Statement

  • To respect, acknowledge, value, challenge, and retain our employees.
  • To collaborate with other laboratories and agencies and maximize the forensic services available to Maryland and its citizens.
  • To promote state of the science operations through continuing education and routine evaluation of current procedures.
  • To eliminate backlogs and initiate cases upon submission.
  • To maximize the public’s return on investment by ensuring that sufficient resources are always available to the Forensic Sciences Division and that those resources are always procured in the most fiscally responsible manner possible.

For information on careers in Forensic Science, please visit American Academy of Forensic Sciences - Choosing a Career. To look for job openings within the Maryland State Police, refer to State of Maryland Job Openings and choose "Maryland State Police" in the Department drop down menu.


Daniel Katz 

Deputy Director  
Dr. Wanda Kuperus

Assistant Commander  
Lt. Laura Beck
Quality Assurance Manager/
Safety Manager
Theresa DeAngelo
221 Milford Mill Road
Pikesville, MD 21208
(443) 357-1300