Cold Cases


NameDate of DeathCountyDetails
Leroy F. Bass11/29/1976HowardView Details
Victor M. Bishop8/1/1996HarfordView Details
Chopan F. ByrdFrederickView Details
David E. BellSomersetView Details
Brenda Lorraine BloomAnne ArundelView Details
Geraldine (Gerry) E ButtsAlleganyView Details
Earl C ChurchWicomicoView Details
Joan Ann CharltonAlleganyView Details
John William Clark7/11/1975WashingtonView Details
Shirley Cole11/22/1970CecilView Details
James O. Blakeley4/1/1990HarfordView Details
William R. Elliott3/20/2001WicomicoView Details
Kennette M. GehmanHarfordView Details
Goldie Fritz3/13/1979WashingtonView Details
Maurice Grace1/9/1992Anne ArundelView Details
Donna J. FreyAnne ArundelView Details
Lonnie (nmn) EnnisAnne ArundelView Details
Thomas Billy Dement6/19/1981CalvertView Details
Tonya M. GardnerHowardView Details
Carvel A. Faulkner4/25/1979HowardView Details
Sarah M. Faulkner4/25/1979HowardView Details
Robert W. Hackey9/8/1962FrederickView Details
Ray D. Hamlet1/11/2001Anne ArundelView Details
Homer E. HarrisFrederickView Details
Milton Davis Harrod2/16/1997CalvertView Details
Mary F. Kelly4/21/1988HarfordView Details
Paul Jackson, Jr.Prince George'sView Details
Kathy E. HorseyWicomicoView Details
Robert C. Keyser7/15/1986HowardView Details
Keith W. KnoxWorcesterView Details
Sharon A. Koontz9/23/1988Anne ArundelView Details
Paul J Lentz6/18/1975FrederickView Details
Rosemary M. MacIntireWorcesterView Details
John R. Lloyd4/27/1945FrederickView Details
Odessa F. MeisterAlleganyView Details
Sheree M. Magaro2/1/1987CecilView Details
Johnny (nmn) Meadows9/6/1970BaltimoreView Details
Raymond E. Martin12/12/1970CharlesView Details
Roy L. Lewis11/10/1984FrederickView Details
Carolyn A. McComas10/14/1986CecilView Details
Charles L. Moates4/23/1955FrederickView Details
Willie T. Owens7/14/1997Anne ArundelView Details
Gary P. Moore3/12/1979Anne ArundelView Details
Reuben Mosley7/10/1990WicomicoView Details
Kenneth R. Plew12/31/1981SomersetView Details
Lisa A. RyderWashingtonView Details
Marcos Morales7/18/1992SomersetView Details
Pennock PolkSomersetView Details
Leo W. Shroyer10/22/1976AlleganyView Details
Aleene Carol Replane1/21/1963HowardView Details
Robert E SiplingCarrollView Details
Robert H. SmithWicomicoView Details
Mildred Wagoner12/29/1993WashingtonView Details
Diane WilliamsPrince George'sView Details
Daniel C SizemoreAnne ArundelView Details
Leonard W. Steele4/13/1990AlleganyView Details
Henry Alexander Szedon10/13/1974HowardView Details
Jean P. Welch5/17/1965AlleganyView Details
James P. StoddardAnne ArundelView Details
Beatrice Wessells1/7/1989WorcesterView Details
Colleen WestWicomicoView Details
Jerry Alan Stauffer12/20/1979HarfordView Details
Mack Young2/1/1995Anne ArundelView Details
Terry Mac Wood1/13/1997WicomicoView Details
Oscar Ennis2/20/1944SomersetView Details
Lorraine ZimmermanWashingtonView Details
Victor Grant10/11/1987SomersetView Details
Percy Thornton1/21/2003SomersetView Details
Rosemary Gibson7/10/1983SomersetView Details
Gregory Wright2/12/2010WicomicoView Details
Nolien Cyril3/16/1987WicomicoView Details
Joann Wright1/21/2003SomersetView Details
Donna Riley9/14/1978WorcesterView Details

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