Online Crowd Manager Training

Welcome to the Maryland State Fire Marshal’s Office on-line crowd manager program. This program was developed in partnership with our local metropolitan Fire Marshal offices within Maryland. Since the inception of the on-line training program in 2008 we have trained almost 60,000 people nation-wide! Our program has become the standard training program within Maryland and is heavily used from Florida to Washington State.

Starting in September 2014 our on-line program is now being transitioned to a new system in conjunction with the National Association of State Fire Marshals (NASFM), and the Maryland Fire and Burn Safety Coalition of Maryland (FABSCOM). This new system now brings our on-line crowd manager program onto a national platform to serve a more wide-spread range of people.

Below is a direct link to this new on-line crowd manager training program. Course registration, technical support, and completion certificates will be available through this new program.

Crowd Manager FAQs

Where can I receive approved crowd manager training?


The approved crowd manager course is available at the following website:​

When do I need a crowd manager?

The State Fire Prevention Code requires a trained crowd manager in all assembly occupancies where the occupant load exceeds 50 persons, other than occupancies used exclusively for religious worship with an occupant load not exceeding 500.   (NFPA 101 &, 2015 ed.)​​

How many crowd managers do I need?


A ratio of 1 crowd manager per 250 persons is required. (NFPA 101, 2015 ed.)​

What is a crowd manager?


A crowd manager is the person(s) responsible for defining their establishment’s emergency plan for evacuation. He or she is also responsible for ensuring that employees properly understand their roles in crowd management and assisting in directing the crowd in an orderly manner for evacuation.​