Deputy State Fire Marshal I


  1. Employees who have not already done so must meet the selection standards required and successfully complete the training prescribed by the Maryland Police Training Commission for a police officer (Public Safety Article, Title 6., Subtitle 3., 6-303).  Selection standards for police officer training are listed in COMAR, Title 12, Subtitle 04, Chapter 01.
  2. Employees will be required to bear firearms and to demonstrate practical and proficiency in the safe use and care of firearms on a periodic basis.
  3. Responsible for enforcing the Sate Fire Prevention Code as per Public Safety Article, Title 6. Subtitle 3., Annotated Code of Maryland, by maintaining a working knowledge of the State Fire Prevention Code.
  4. Responsible for enforcing the following sections of Criminal Law Article Title 6:
    • Arson and malicious burning,
    • Fire set to defraud an insurance company,
    • Attempts to bum,
    • Burning of religious symbols,
    • False alarms,
    • Setting fire while perpetrating other crimes.
  5. Conduct fire investigations to determine the cause and origin of a fire utilizing the following:
    • Travel to the site and investigate the fire scene.
    • Enter buildings or other structures, which contain hazardous conditions, to determine cause and origin of a fire. Such hazardous conditions include fire damage, leaking flammable liquids or gases, intense heat, hazardous vapors of smoke, electrical hazards, and exposure to the elements.
    • Lift/drag moderate (25-100 lbs.) to heavy (more than 100 lbs.) objects/debris from fire damaged structure.
    • Collect, examine and analyze physical evidence at a fire scene to determine the origin and cause of the fire.
    • Determine bum patterns and use specialized equipment that detects the presence of flammable materials.
    • Photograph and sketch the scene to record the condition of the site.
    • Question witnesses and suspects and conduct surveillance.
    • Prepare to present findings at a civil deposition or civil court trial.
    • Obtain and execute search and seizure warrants and arrest warrants in arson cases.
    • Coordinate related activities with local fire and police departments.
    • Prepare and maintain comprehensive files and records on investigations.
    • Complete numerous forms, e.g., investigative reports, formal orders, subpoenas, procedural reports, etc. Handwriting must be legible.
    • Read, comprehend and act on information contained in various forms of written/printed documents.
    • Handle official situations with diplomacy, fairness and good judgment.
  6. Conduct fire safety inspections of commercial, institutional, industrial, educational, medical and storage facilities to assure compliance with the State Fire Prevention Code in the areas of prevention of fires, storage, sale and use of combustibles in solid, liquid or gas forms; installation and maintenance equipment for fire control, detection and extinguishment; means and adequacy of exit in case of fire from buildings and other places where people work, live, or congregate from time to time for any purpose, except those buildings used wholly as dwelling houses containing no more than two families.
    • Travel to the site and inspect the building.
    • Prepare and issue orders in writing, directing the owner or occupant of a building to correct violations and bring property into compliance with the State Fire Prevention Code.
    • Coordinate related activities with building and health officials.
    • Handle official situations with diplomacy, fairness and good judgment.
    • Maintain comprehensive files and records on inspections.
    • Complete numerous forms, e.g., inspections reports, formal orders, procedural reports, etc.  Handwriting must be legible.
    • Read, comprehend and act on information contained in various forms or written/printed documents.
    • Issue court summons or warrants to individuals who refuse to comply with the State Fire Prevention Code.
  7. Witness operational tests of all fire extinguishing systems, including automatic sprinkler systems and alarm systems.
  8. Inspect proposed sites for fireworks displays and monitor the displays during the Show, and being exposed to high noise levels and flying debris.
  9. Operate a motor vehicle under normal driving conditions, as well as extreme situations, hazardous weather, and emergency response. Enter and exit vehicles under routine and emergency conditions. Change a vehicle tire if necessary.
  10. Run over varied terrain to pursue/apprehend fleeing suspects for short duration and sustained periods. Walk for long and short periods to time during crime scene searches, house-to-house searches, inspections and investigations.
  11. Perform hand-to-hand self-defense techniques, such as restraint holds, applying handcuffs according to procedures, and subduing a resistant suspect using the appropriate degree of physical force.
  12. Perform multiple tasks simultaneously, e.g., operate a motor vehicle (normal and emergency conditions), receive and transmit information over the police/fire radio, and observe and remember details/conditions.
  13. Capable of using the following equipment, machinery and hand tools:
    • State vehicle equipped with emergency response warning equipment
    • Mobile radio and personal pager
    • Electric testing meters
    • Protective clothing including helmet, boots, gloves and turnout coat
    • 35mm camera and flash
    • Calculator
    • Cassette tape recorder
    • Respirator mask
    • Shovel
    • Handlights
    • Fire extinguisher
    • Handcuffs
    • Pepper mace
    • Handgun
  14. Available for assignment anywhere within the State on short notice for a duration of 24 hours to one week or more. Perform shift work as may be required.
  15. Respond to emergency calls 24 hours per day, seven days per week as may be required.

The Testing Process

The hiring process for Deputy State Fire Marshal Candidates is structured, rigorous and detailed. It is designed to help select those applicants who are most qualified. Below you will find an overview of the process. You must successfully complete each step to move on in the process.


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