Areas of Responsibility

Image of facility management personnel sitting outside 

Personnel Area of Responsibility
David Manning - Director Manages Statewide
S. M. Breck - Sergeant Manages Statewide
Mark Cook - Administrator III Manages Statewide
Henry Lindsey - Maintenance Chief II Headquarters Complex
Bill Ebare - Capital Projects Officer Headquarters Complex
Dave Cantrell - Maintenance Coordinator Headquarters Complex
Patrick Franz - Maint. Chief I Southern/Eastern Regions
Jeff Suder - Maint. Chief I Northern/Central/Western Regions
Ronnie Driscoll - Maint. Mechanic Senior Salisbury/Princess Anne/Berlin Barracks
Dean Eyler - Maint. Mechanic Senior McHenry Barrack
Robert Joshua - Maint. Mechanic Senior Easton Barrack
Wayne Frisby - Maint. Mechanic Senior Westminster Barrack
Bill Manley- Maint. Mechanic Senior Centreville Barrack
Bob Smith - Maint. Mechanic Senior Cumberland Barrack
Alan Rodriguez - Maint. Mechanic Senior Prince Frederick/Leonardtown/La Plata Barracks