Civilian Employment

When most people think about the Maryland State Police, they picture a Trooper. While Troopers are generally the "public" face of the Maryland State Police, we could not exist without our civilian employees. From the Police Communications Operators who provide the link between citizens and Troopers, to the mechanics who keep the police cars on the road, each is an integral part of the team.

As a civilian employee of the Maryland State Police, you will enjoy a competitive salary and State benefits. You will also work for an organization that provides an essential function for the State. While not as visible as Troopers on the road, each civilian employee is just as neccessary for the completion of our mission.

Please direct any questions regarding open Maryland State Police civilian positions to Mr. Bruce Tanner at 410-653-4349.


To learn more about the current open positions with the Maryland State Police please visit the Maryland State Department of Budget and Management