Volunteer Chaplain

Mission Statement

The Chaplaincy's primary mission is to meet the spiritual and crisis needs of the Troopers, their families and department personnel, while maintaining confidence, trust and integrity. The Chaplaincy will assist Troopers in the performance of their duties by offering alternative ways of coping with the stress of police work.

As members of the MSP, chaplains will:

  • not be required to perform duties contrary to their convictions or denominational doctrine
  • make notification  to family members of death, injury or other situations in the company of at least one trooper
  • participate in barrack or MSP events when available
  • assist in crisis situations, such as homicides, suicides, barricades and hostage situations when requested by the officer in charge
  • assist MSP personnel in contacting appropriate community agencies for resources
  • act as the liaison between the MSP and local church congregations and religious bodies
  • assist allied law enforcement agencies , upon request, when available and at the discretion of their local commander
  • when asked, conduct religious and ceremonial services within the guidelines and regulations of their endorsing denomination, and
  • attend staff and training sessions for chaplains


*MSP employees are not permitted to serve as chaplains due to potential conflicts of interest.

Candidate Prerequisites are:

  • Ecclesiastically certified, and a licensed or ordained clergy, imam, priest or rabbi
  • In good standing, and endorsed in writing from their ecclesiastical authority to serve as a law enforcement chaplain
  • Willing and reasonably available to respond to situations where their presence is needed
  • Actively engaged in ministry, this may include retired clergy capable of fulfilling the duties of a police chaplain
  • Able to function effectively within a pluralistic religious setting, providing and coordinating provisions for meeting the spiritual needs of all personnel
  • A citizen of the United States
  • Able to meet the physical, emotional and mental demands necessary to function as an effective police chaplain
  • Able to provide documentation supporting a minimum of five years active in ministry service
  • Of high moral standards
  • Never been convicted of a felony or any crime involving moral turpitude

It is desirable that a candidate resides within close proximity of the unit to which they are assigned to properly carry out the duties of a chaplain.

* A candidate must have 120 semester hours of undergraduate credit from a qualified college or university, and possess a Master of Divinity Degree, or an equivalent theological degree, or received credit for completing 90 semester hours of graduate study in theology or related subjects (or a full 3 year course of study) from a theological school listed in the Education Directory, Colleges and Universities or the Directory of the Association of Theological Schools, or a theological school listed in the Directory of Colleges and Schools. In lieu of the above requirements, a candidate's pastoral experience/education will be considered by the MSP Chaplain Director and the Chaplain Supervisor.

Chaplain Application Forms

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Contact Information

Andrennae Speaks

Maryland State Police
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Email: Andrennae.Speaks@maryland.gov
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