About Us

The Licensing Division is responsible for administering the law and conducting investigations concerning: 

  • the issuance of the Maryland Handgun Qualification License, 

  • the registration of Maryland Qualified Handgun Instructors,

  • the sale and transfer of regulated firearms and machine guns,

  • the licensing and regulation of Maryland Regulated Firearms Dealers,

  • the commissioning of Special Police and Railroad Police Officers,

  • ​the licensing of Private Detectives, Private Detective Agencies, Security Guards and Security Guard Agencies, 

  • the licensing of Security Systems Technicians and Security Systems Agencies, 

  • the registration of Maryland Law Enforcement K-9 dogs, eavesdropping, wiretapping and electronic listening devices, and

  • the issuance of State of Maryland Handgun Permits and Law Enforcement Officer Safety Act certifications.



The Licensing Division is divided into two sections: Licensing Services Section (LSS) and the Firearms Services Section (FSS).