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Each section in the Licensing Division is available for inquires through e-mail.

Security Guard Section:
Telephone number: 410-653-4623

K-9 Registration:
Telephone number: 410-653-4505

Handgun Permit Section:
Telephone number: 410-653-4624

Telephone number: 410-653-4624

Private Detective:
Telephone number: 410-653-4623

Special Police and Railroad Police:
Telephone number: 410-653-4628

Security Systems Unit:
Telephone number: 410-653-4628

Firearms Registration (Firearm Purchases):
Telephone number: 410-653-4621

Handgun Qualification License Unit:
Telephone number: 410-653-4577

MSP Command (Compliments and Complaints): MSP.LIC_COMMAND@MARYLAND.GOV

Although the Licensing Division encourages communication through e-mails, personnel can be contacted at 410-653-4500, M-F from 8:00 am to 4:30 pm., excluding published Holidays and Service Reduction Days. An alternative number is 410-653-4442.

Compliments or Complaints

The Maryland State Police, Licensing Division is responsible for licensing and regulating businesses who provide support and service that enhance Maryland's public safety. The Maryland State Police acknowledges the challenges of these businesses and licensees. If you have a compliment or a complaint you may submit it to the Secretary of the State Police. Please CLICK HERE​ to download the Maryland State Police compliment and complaint submission form.

The Licensing Division is committed to conducting fair, unbiased, and expedient investigations into any complaints concerning these businesses and their personnel. Maryland citizens can feel confident that matters of concern will be addressed in the appropriate manner.

Regulated Licensed Businesses:

  • Security Systems Agencies
  • Security Systems Technicians (Installers)
  • Security Guard Agencies
  • Security Guards (whether armed or unarmed)
  • Private Detective Agencies
  • Private Detectives
  • Wear and Carry Handgun Permit holder
  • Firearms Dealer
  • Qualified Handgun Instructor

All compliments and complaints must be in writing. Complaints received are assigned to an investigator who will review the complaint and contact you in a timely manner.

If you wish to compliment or make a complaint concerning a business regulated by the Maryland State Police, Licensing Division, please CLICK HERE​

If you witness or have concerns about any agency or licensee acting in a manner of that is dangerous or life threating, please dial 911 or contact your local police or MSP installation.