Vehicle Safety Inspection Program Bulletins

The following documents are available for you to download. You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view these documents.

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The below listed bulletins are for inspection mechanics to use as reference they do not need to be printed and placed in the Inspection Handbook.  The "Roster of Vehicle Safety Inspection​ Program Bulletins" will be updated as Bulletins are added or deleted.

Roster of Vehicle Safety Inspection Program Bulletins​​​​​

Bulletin ASED-001 Introduction of Vehicle Safety Inspection Bulletins.pdf
6/18/2019 1:19 PM87 KB
Bulletin ASED-002 VIN Chart Revised 1-28-2020.pdf
2/3/2020 9:30 AM211 KB
Bulletin ASED-003 Autocycle Inspections.pdf
7/15/2019 9:49 AM146 KB
Bulletin ASED-004 Headlamp Aim Inspection .pdf
6/18/2019 1:19 PM90 KB
Bulletin ASED-005 Trailer Inspection Procedure Change.pdf
7/15/2019 9:49 AM161 KB
Bulletin ASED-006 Over 10K Vehicle Inspection at Class A Stations .pdf
6/18/2019 1:20 PM114 KB
Bulletin ASED-007 Copper_Nickel Brake Line.pdf
6/18/2019 1:20 PM107 KB
Bulletin ASED-008 Lift Axle Regulations for Class “C” inspection.pdf
7/15/2019 9:50 AM164 KB
Bulletin ASED-009 Military Vehicle Inspection.pdf
7/15/2019 9:50 AM160 KB
Bulletin ASED-010 School Vehicle Inspection.pdf
6/18/2019 1:20 PM110 KB
Bulletin ASED-011 Inspection Certificate Vehicle Type Codes .pdf
6/18/2019 1:13 PM114 KB
Bulletin ASED-012 Controller_Supervisor Examination.pdf
6/18/2019 1:13 PM110 KB
Bulletin ASED-013 Inspection Mechanic Written and Demonstrated Ability Examinations.pdf
7/15/2019 9:50 AM158 KB
Bulletin ASED-014 Penalties,  Emergency Suspension, _  Administrative Hearings.pdf
6/18/2019 1:16 PM205 KB
Bulletin ASED-015 Approved Window Tint Meters For Vehicle Safety Inspections.pdf
6/18/2019 1:16 PM121 KB
Bulletin ASED-016 Safety Equipment Repair Order Retention.pdf
7/15/2019 9:51 AM131 KB
Bulletin ASED-017 Pressure Line and Hose Inspection (Revised 01-27-20).pdf
2/3/2020 9:30 AM83 KB
Bulletin ASED-018 Floor, Trunk Pan, Frame _ Unibody Repair.pdf
6/18/2019 1:17 PM97 KB
Bulletin ASED-019 Airbags, ABS, and Engine Warning Lights.pdf
6/18/2019 1:17 PM86 KB
Bulletin ASED-020 Vehicle Exhaust Systems.pdf
6/18/2019 1:17 PM87 KB
Bulletin ASED-021 Inspection of Ball Joints.pdf
6/18/2019 1:18 PM87 KB
Bulletin ASED-022 Motor Vehicle Road Test.pdf
6/18/2019 1:18 PM86 KB
Bulletin ASED-023 HID and LED Headlamps- Fog- Driving Lamps.pdf
7/15/2019 9:53 AM132 KB
Bulletin ASED-024 Replacement Engines.pdf
6/18/2019 1:18 PM87 KB
Bulletin ASED-025 Physical Disability Medical Exemption for Vehicle Equipment .pdf
7/15/2019 9:52 AM274 KB
Bulletin ASED-026 Vehicle Equipment Alterations.pdf
6/18/2019 1:18 PM86 KB
Bulletin ASED-027 Measurement and Recording of Required Brake Readings.pdf
9/4/2019 10:43 AM259 KB