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Security Guard Agencies

All applications submitted with a non-current application revision date (8/21) or without the required fee, will not be accepted and will be returned.​

All applicants are REQUIRED to sign and date the FBI PRIVACY ACT STATEMENT

A security guard agency is an individual or firm that conducts a business that provides security guard services. Security guard services include any activity that is performed for compensation as a security guard to protect any individual or property. To access a list of Active Security Guard Agencies please click here​​​. If you believe that any of the information within the Security Guard Listing is inaccurate please contact the Security Guard Private Detective Agency Section at MSP.PrivateDetective@Maryland.gov

Where to Mail Applications?

Maryland State Police
Licensing Division
1111 Reisterstown Road
Pikesville, MD 21208

Attn.: Licensing Services Section – Security Guard Agency Unit

Applications should be mailed to the Division. Personal visits are not encouraged and will not decrease the amount of time it takes an application to be processed.

Who Should Apply?

An individual or firm who conducts a business must be licensed by the Maryland State Police. The license must be issued prior to the individual or firm providing security guard services in the state of Maryland.

An applicant must be of good character and reputation. If the applicant is a firm, each firm member shall be of good character and reputation. The individual or firm representative shall be at least 25 years old. All applicants shall meet the required experience outlined below:

  1. At least 5 years of experience as a full-time certified or licensed private detective; OR
  2. At least:
    1. 5 years of experience as a full-time police officer with an organized police agency; and
    2. completed successfully a police officer training course that is recognized and approved by the Maryland Police Training Commission; OR
  3. At least 3 years of experience in an investigative capacity as a detective while serving as a police officer with an organized police agency; OR
  4. At least:
    1. 3 years of experience in an investigative capacity in any unit of the United States, of the State, or of a county or municipal corporation of the State for the purpose of law enforcement; and
    2. completed successfully the police officer training required by the Maryland Police Training Commission; OR
  5. At least:
    1. 5 years of experience as a full-time fire investigator for a fire department or law enforcement agency of the State or of a county or municipal corporation of the State; and
    2. completed successfully the training certified by the Maryland Police Training Commission or the Maryland Fire-Rescue Education and Training Commission; OR
  6. At least:
    1. 5 years of experience as a full-time correctional supervisor, ranked LT and above, in a correctional facility in the state; and
    2. completed successfully the training required by the correctional training commission.

How To Apply?

The Security Guard Unit will only accept applications completed electronically on the PDF form(s) prov​ided below under Documents for initial and renewal applications. Please answer all questions accurately, completely and honestly. Once completed, the PDF form should be printed, signed, and mailed.

Mail the application packet to the Licensing Division at the address provided above. Allow 90 business days for the completion of the application process. If the Licensing Division does not receive the renewal application, satisfactorily completed, by the expiration date, the applicant must begin as a new applicant and complete all requirements necessary for an initial application.

All original applications require FBI and CJIS fingerprint submissions. Additionally, applicants must submit two photographs of applicant (2"x2" square, light background, head and shoulder full face, no hat or head covering, no dark glasses). They must also submit Tax Verification and the Article of Corporation.

How Much Does It Cost?

The fee for an initial application is $200 for an individual (unincorporated) and $375 for a firm (incorporated). The fee for a renewal application is $200 for an individual and $400 for a firm. Additional fees and fines may apply. Fees must be paid by check or money order made payable to the Maryland State Police.

When Should I Renew?

A Security Guard Agency License expires three (3) years after its date of issuance and upon the date the Secretary of State Police sets. Licenses are staggered resulting in expiration in either January or July depending on the date of initial application. The license may be renewed for an additional 3-year term.

The Licensing Division will mail to the licensee a renewal notice at least 90 days prior to expiration. The renewal notice will include:

  1. A renewal application checklist; and
  2. A notice that states:
    1. the date on which the current license expires;
    2. that the Secretary must receive the renewal application and the statements required under § 13-309 of this subtitle, at least 15 days before the license expiration date, for the renewal to be issued and mailed before the license expires;
    3. the amount of the renewal fee;
    4. that, if the statements required under § 13-309 of this subtitle are not received at least 15 days before the license expiration date, a fee of $10 per day shall be charged against the licensee until the statements are received; and
    5. that the submission of a false statement in the renewal application or in the annual statements is cause for revocation of the license.

The renewal application must be received by the Maryland State Police at least 15 days prior to the expiration date.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to submit the license?


For the security guard agency application, make sure you are submitting the following: two (2) passport size photos, all applicable fees, the application itself, two (2) tax forms, and articles of corporation. All of these can be found under Documents.​

How long is the process?


90 days

Who do I make the check or money order out to?


Make all checks and money orders payable to the Maryland State Police.​

Is there an additional fee to expedite?


No, we do not expedite applications.​


Below you will find links to PDFs of relevant Maryland statutes, provided for your convenience. Please note that laws change over time. The below documents were created on June 12, 2013, and are for reference purposes only. To obtain the most recent text of any legislation, please go online to LexisNexis to access the up-to-date Maryland code.​

Note:  If you are experiencing issues viewing any of the documents on our website please Click Here​.

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Security Guard Agency Application (29-12D).pdf
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