Machine Gun Registration - Initial and Renewal

​​** Effective Immediately! Please utilize the paper Initial / Renewal Machine Gun forms for the 2019/2020 year. 

​On Wednesday, May 10, 2017, the Maryland State Police, Licensing Division, will no longer accept the current electronic Machine Gun Registration/Renewal Form.  This temporary pause in accepting electronic submissions is being made in an effort to improve customer service by developing a new electronic submission platform, which will be based in the new Licensing Portal.  If you have already submitted online, prior to May 10, 2017, no further action is required, and your application will be processed accordingly.

The 2019/2020 Annual Machine Gun Registration will return to the former paper application, while the electronic Machine Gun Registration process is redesigned with the intention of returning in the Licensing Portal during the 2020/2021 Machine Gun Registration period.

The Maryland State Police would like to thank Maryland’s machine gun owners for their continued patience and understanding while we continue to improve the Machine Gun Registration process in Maryland.  Should you have any questions or concerns, you may contact Sergeant Jason Edwards or TFC David Simmons at 410-653-4500.  In addition, Regulated Firearms Dealers may contact us using the LiveHelp feature within the Licensing Portal.​

Who Should Apply and/or Renew?

Any person who acquires a machine gun shall register the machine gun with the Secretary of State Police within 24 hours after acquiring the machine gun; and in each succeeding year during the month of May.

Possession or use of a machine gun is presumed to be for an offensive or aggressive purpose when the machine gun is not registered as required under § 4-403, Criminal Law Article. A person who violates this section is guilty of a misdemeanor and on conviction is subject to imprisonment not exceeding 10 years. Pursuant to Maryland statute registration data provided under this section is not open to public inspection.

The complete Maryland Code can be accessed by clicking here. This valuable resource allows interested parties to view the applicable laws pertaining to licenses, certifications and commissions sought. All applicants should familiarize themselves with the statutes associated with the product sought.

How to Apply and/or Renew

The Maryland State Police is sending all machine gun owners, who registered in 2016, a paper copy of the Annual Machine Gun Registration Form.  These forms will be sent, via US Mail, to the address provided during the 2016/2017 Machine Gun Registration/Renewal.  You may choose to wait for the paper copy, or you may immediately select the Initial Machine Gun Registration Form or the Annual Machine Gun Registration Form, below.  This form is fillable, and may be completed prior to printing, or you may print the blank form, and complete it by hand.  If you choose to complete the form by hand, please print legibly. 

     Machine Gun Renewal Application     Machine Gun Initial Application​​​

How Much Does It Cost?

Original/Initial - $10.00

Renewal - $10.00

Acceptable methods of payment include check or money order made payable to Maryland State Police.​​


Below you will find links to PDFs of relevant Maryland statutes, provided for your convenience. Please note that laws change over time. The below documents were created on June 12, 2013, and are for reference purposes only. To obtain the most recent text of any legislation, please go online to LexisNexis to access the up-to-date Maryland code.

Note:  If you are experiencing issues viewing any of the documents on our website please Click Here​.

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Pdf utilized to capture additional machine gun information for initial and renewal applications.50 KB
Application used for initial registration of machine guns. 1028 KB
Application to be used to initiate processing for Machine Gun Renewals.1028 KB