Military Veteran Information

The Maryland State Police is actively seeking military veterans for the Trooper position. Applicants with honorable military service will be given veterans preference.


In Addition to the Maryland State Police Trooper Benefit package, Military Veterans may also qualify for extra Retirement credit.

  • Active Duty Military​ - Up to 5 years of active duty military service is credited at the ten year mark of becoming a State Trooper
  • Reserves and/or National Guard - For every good year in the Reserves or National Guard, 4 months is credited towards MSP Retirement at the ten year mark

This does not apply if you are all ready retired from the military.

Cpl. Jackson is our military recruitment liaison for MSP. If you have any questions regarding processing as a State Trooper with prior military service, please contact Cpl. Jackson at 410-653-4348 or email: