Maryland State Police Trooper Applicant Process

The hiring process for Trooper Candidates is structured, rigorous and detailed. It is designed to help select those applicants who are most qualified. Below you will find an overview of the process. You must successfully complete each step to move on in the process.

*The beginning step of the process for the Trooper position is completing the first part of the online application, please click on the Online Application Link to receive further instructions.

* PLEASE NOTE: It is the goal of the Maryland State Police to hire applicants who possess the qualifications and the dedication to become a Trooper. Please understand that if you successfully complete all phases of this process, you MAY receive a Final Offer of Employment. Trooper Candidates are hired based upon the needs of the Department. Successful completion of all phases of the hiring process does not guarantee a Final Offer of Employment.

Trooper Applicant Process

  1. Online Trooper Application- 1st Part (All applicants are required to STOP completing the online application at the specified location, please click this link for more information)
  2. Applicant Orientation
  3. Functional Fitness Assessment Test
  4. Written Examination
  5. Online Trooper Application - 2nd Part
  6. Oral Interview
  7. Polygraph​​
  8. Background Investigation
  9. Medical Testing
  10. Police Selection Committee

The entire application process takes generally 6 - 18 months to complete. This time frame is dependent on the timeliness of applicant responses.