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Purchasing a firearm, like any significant purchase, requires serious research and investigation.

If you are considering the purchase of a firearm and are unsure if the firearm is banned, contact the Maryland Regulated Firearms Dealer you are utilizing for your purchase. Maryland regulated firearms dealers are best suited to answer questions about the various types of firearms available. If your regulated firea​rms dealer is unable to provide assistance, contact the firearms manufacturer to obtain additional information about the weapon.

Some examples of the questions to ask are listed below:

1) Is this weapon semi-automatic? If not, it is not banned and you do not need to continue.

2) If this is a rifle, is it centerfire? If not, then it is not banned and you do not need to continue.

3) Is this weapon considered to be a copy of a banned weapon? If so, then it is banned and may not be purchased, sold, or transferred.

4) If this is a semi-automatic centerfire rifle that can accept a detachable magazine, does it have any two of the following: a folding stock; a grenade launcher or flare launcher; or a flash suppressor; If so, then it is banned and may not be purchased, sold, or transferred.

5) If this is a rifle, does it have a fixed magazine that holds more than 10 rounds? If so, then it is banned and may not be purchased, sold, or transferred.

6) If this is a rifle, what is the overall length of the weapon? If the stock is fully extended and there are no removable additions to the barrel, is the weapon less than 29 inches? If so, then it is banned and may not be purchased, sold, or transferred.

7) If this is a semi-automatic shotgun, does the weapon have a revolving cylinder? If so, then it is banned and may not be purchased, sold, or transferred.

8) If this is a semi-automatic shotgun, does the weapon have a folding stock? If so, then it is banned and may not be purchased, sold, or transferred. ​

Maryland State Police Licensing Division Reviewed Firearms List

The Maryland State Police is responsible for reaching its own conclusions with respect to whether particular firearms are copies of enumerated banned firearms. In reaching those conclusions, the Maryland State Police adheres to the process articulated in the Firearms Bulletin #10-2 dated November 4, 2010 a copy of which may be found on our website. To that end, the Maryland State Police has determined that, for enforcement purposes, a firearm is considered a copy if it is both cosmetically similar to and has completely interchangeable internal components necessary for the full operation and function of one of the enumerated banned weapons. This list represents those determinations.

It includes weapons that are:

1. Firearms defined under State law as "assault long guns," including firearms specifically enumerated under § 5-101(r)(2) of the Public Safety Article and their copies. 

2.Firearms defined under State law as "assault pistols," including firearms specifically enumerated under § 4-303(c) of the Criminal Law Article and their copies. 

3. Long guns as to which the Department has reached a conclusion with respect to whether they are banned assault long guns or copycat weapons.

Reviewed Firearms List​

expand Manufacturer : Adams Arms ‎(2)
expand Manufacturer : ADCOR ‎(2)
expand Manufacturer : Aero Precision ‎(1)
expand Manufacturer : AK-47 Type Firearm ‎(3)
expand Manufacturer : Akdal ‎(1)
expand Manufacturer : Alexander Arms ‎(2)
expand Manufacturer : Algimec ‎(1)
expand Manufacturer : American Arms ‎(1)
expand Manufacturer : American Tactical Imports ‎(5)
expand Manufacturer : Anatolia MFG ‎(1)
expand Manufacturer : Anderson ‎(2)
expand Manufacturer : Anderson MFG ‎(1)
expand Manufacturer : Andro Corporation ‎(1)
expand Manufacturer : Ares ‎(1)
expand Manufacturer : Armalite ‎(6)
expand Manufacturer : Armelegant ‎(1)
expand Manufacturer : Arsenal ‎(10)
expand Manufacturer : Atlantic Arms MFG ‎(1)
expand Manufacturer : Australian Automatic Arms ‎(1)
expand Manufacturer : Auto Ordnance ‎(1)
expand Manufacturer : Barrett ‎(4)
expand Manufacturer : Bear Creek Arsenal ‎(2)
expand Manufacturer : Beretta ‎(3)
expand Manufacturer : Best Arms ‎(1)
expand Manufacturer : Bighorn Armory ‎(1)
expand Manufacturer : Black Aces Tactical ‎(1)
expand Manufacturer : Black Rain Ordnance ‎(1)
expand Manufacturer : Blackwater Worldwide ‎(1)
expand Manufacturer : Brader Arms Corporation ‎(1)
expand Manufacturer : Bravo Company Manufacturing ‎(4)
expand Manufacturer : Brigade Firearms ‎(1)
expand Manufacturer : Brownells ‎(2)
expand Manufacturer : Bula Defense ‎(1)
expand Manufacturer : Bushmaster ‎(4)
expand Manufacturer : Calico ‎(1)
expand Manufacturer : Centurion Arms ‎(1)
expand Manufacturer : Century Arms ‎(16)
expand Manufacturer : Century International Arms ‎(4)
expand Manufacturer : Charles Daly ‎(1)
expand Manufacturer : CHERRY'S INC. ‎(1)
expand Manufacturer : Chiappa Firearms ‎(2)
expand Manufacturer : Claridge ‎(1)
expand Manufacturer : CMMG ‎(3)
expand Manufacturer : Colt ‎(12)
expand Manufacturer : Creative Arms ‎(1)
expand Manufacturer : CZ ‎(2)
expand Manufacturer : Daewoo ‎(3)
expand Manufacturer : Daniel Defense ‎(6)
expand Manufacturer : Del-Ton ‎(4)
expand Manufacturer : Desert Tech ‎(2)
expand Manufacturer : Diamondback ‎(3)
expand Manufacturer : Dickinson Arms ‎(1)
expand Manufacturer : DJ Getz ‎(1)
expand Manufacturer : DPMS ‎(5)
expand Manufacturer : Dragunov ‎(1)
expand Manufacturer : DS Arms ‎(2)
expand Manufacturer : Eagle Arms ‎(4)
expand Manufacturer : Fabrique Nationale ‎(10)
expand Manufacturer : Fabryka Broni (FB) Radom ‎(1)
expand Manufacturer : Famas ‎(1)
expand Manufacturer : Faxon Firearms ‎(1)
expand Manufacturer : Feather ‎(1)
expand Manufacturer : Feg Fegyvergyar (FEG) ‎(2)
expand Manufacturer : Fostech ‎(1)
expand Manufacturer : Foxtrot Mike ‎(1)
expand Manufacturer : Franchi ‎(1)
expand Manufacturer : Franklin Armory ‎(1)
expand Manufacturer : Fulton Armory ‎(2)
expand Manufacturer : G Force Arms ‎(2)
expand Manufacturer : Galil ‎(1)
expand Manufacturer : GARAYSAR ‎(1)
expand Manufacturer : Geissele Automatics ‎(1)
expand Manufacturer : Genesis Arms ‎(1)
expand Manufacturer : German Sport Guns ‎(1)
expand Manufacturer : Great Lakes Firearms ‎(1)
expand Manufacturer : HD Defense ‎(2)
expand Manufacturer : Heckler & Koch ‎(10)
expand Manufacturer : Hi Point ‎(3)
expand Manufacturer : Hill & Mac Gunworks ‎(1)
expand Manufacturer : Holmes ‎(1)
expand Manufacturer : Husan Arms ‎(1)
expand Manufacturer : Interordance ‎(1)
expand Manufacturer : INTRAC ‎(1)
expand Manufacturer : IWI ‎(20)
expand Manufacturer : James River Armory ‎(3)
expand Manufacturer : Just Right Carbines ‎(1)
expand Manufacturer : Kalashnikov ‎(1)
expand Manufacturer : Kalashnikov USA ‎(1)
expand Manufacturer : Kel-Tec ‎(14)
expand Manufacturer : Kriss Vector ‎(1)
expand Manufacturer : LARUE TACTICAL ‎(1)
expand Manufacturer : Legacy Sport ‎(1)
expand Manufacturer : Lewis Machine & Tool ‎(2)
expand Manufacturer : Linyi Cheetah  ‎(1)
expand Manufacturer : Lone Star Armory ‎(1)
expand Manufacturer : LRB Arms ‎(1)
expand Manufacturer : LWRCI ‎(5)
expand Manufacturer : M+M Arms ‎(2)
expand Manufacturer : Manchester Arms ‎(1)
expand Manufacturer : Manufacture d' armes de Saint-Etienne ‎(2)
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If you are unable to locate your firearm above and you have already contacted a firearms dealer and/or the firearm's manufacturer and/or your attorney and have been unable to receive a satisfactory response, you may submit the Firearm Review Form. By submitting this form, you are acknowledging that you have contacted a firearms dealer and/or the firearm's manufacturer and/or your attorney and have not obtained the guidance necessary to make an informed decision. Note: One firearm per submission. Do not submit handguns for review.  To submit a handgun for review, please contact the Handgun Roster Board at 410-653-4247.


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