NICS Request for Pawn / Redemption

Effective January 1, 2020, all Maryland FFLs will contact the Maryland State Police Licensing Division for all handgun transfers.  This will include the processing of pre-pawn, pawn redemption, and return of regulated firearms placed on consignment.  This change in processing of NICS checks does not change the scope or requirements of Maryland's regulated firearms laws.  The frame of a handgun (or the receiver of an assault weapon) is a "regulated firearm" under State law and the transfer of that frame or receiver requires the submission of an application (77R) to the State Police and a Federal (NICS) and State background check.  However, the transfer of a receiver of a long gun, not enumerated as an assault weapon under State law (an "Other" category firearm under Federal law), does not require the submission of an application (77R) to the State Police.  Further, the pre-pawn and redemption of any firearm (including, "Other" category frames and receivers) does not require a State application (77R) and State background check.  Pre-pawn and redemption checks of State regulated firearms (handguns and assault weapons, and the frames and receivers of such firearms) will be submitted to the State Police for a FBI NICS check.  

To accommo​date this change, the Maryland State Police has created a new NICS Request process for all Pawn and Redemption related transactions.  This process applies to the following transaction types as defined by FBI NICS:

​Pre-Pawn of a Handgun ​Redemption of Handgun
Pre-Pawn of Other (Frame, Receiver, etc.) *** ​Redemption of Other (Frame, Receiver, etc.) ***


A NICS request for the above transaction types can be initiated by clicking the link below:

NICS Request for Pawn / Redemption

The law provides for a three business day response time.  A business day is defined as a 24-hour day (beginning at 12:01 a.m. the day after the check is initiated) on which State offices are open.  During normal business hours, the Maryland State Police anticipates completing the process within the same business day.  

All Type 02 FFLs and Regulated Firearms Dealers requiring access to the NICS Request for Pawn / Redemption must register with Maryland State Police Licensing Division.  Registration can be completed by contacting the Maryland State Police Licensing Division at:  
​Phone: 410-653-4500


​The following list of transaction types can only be conducted by FFLs who are Maryland Regulated Firearms Dealers.  These transactions will be conducted within the Maryland State Police Licensing Portal.

Sale of a Handgun

Private Sale of Other (Frame, Receiver, etc.)

Sale of Other (Frame, Receiver, etc.)

Private Sale Returned to Seller Handgun

​Rental of a Handgun

Private Sale Returned to Seller Other (Frame, Receiver, etc.)

Private Sale of Handgun

 To access the Licensing Portal please click the link below:   

Licensing Portal

All Maryland FFLs will continue to contact the FBI Criminal Justice Information Services Division's National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) Section to obtain a Federal background check (NICS check) and NTN number for all non-regulated long gun transactions.  This is inclusive of long gun frame or receiver transactions.  


To initiate a long gun-related background check in the State of Maryland, please contact:

NICS Section

Phone:  1-877-FBI-NICS (324-6427) or via the NICS E-Check at

For additional information pertaining to NICS requests for handgun and regulated firarm transfers please contact: 

Maryland State Police Licensing Division

Phone: 410-653-4621


For additional information pertaining to NICS requests for long gun transfers please contact:

NICS Business Relations Team  




 Licensing Division Documents

LD-FRU-19-002 - Advisory.pdf
FBI NICS Handgun Transactions in Maryland
Notice to Maryland FFLs.pdf
FBI NICS Notification regarding handgun transfers processed by the State.