Designated Firearms Collector

A Designated Collector is a status granted and approved by the Maryland State Police upon submission of an application. It is granted to an individual who devotes time and attention to acquiring certain types of regulated firearms for the enhancement of the collector's personal collection, or possesses a Federal Firearms License (Collector of Curio and Relics). A Designated Collector is not authorized to act as a firearms dealer.

Where to Mail Applications

Maryland State Police
Licensing Division
1111 Reisterstown Road
Pikesville, MD 21208
Attn: Firearms Section

Who Should Apply?

A person may not purchase more than one regulated firearm in a 30-day period, unless that person is a Designated Firearms Collector. Exemptions to the Designated Firearms Collector, and who may also purchase more than one regulated firearm in a 30-day period, are:
  1. The purchase is for a private collection or a collector series.
  2. The purchase is a bulk purchase from an estate sale.
  3. The purchase is for the purpose of taking advantage of a dealer's discounted price for a multiple purchase. No more than two firearms may be purchased at a time in this way.
  4. The purchase is for a security guard company. 

How To Apply


Simply fill out and submit the notarized Designated Collector Affidavit​​​ form, and send it by mail to the Licensing Division address listed above.

How Much Does It Cost?


There is no cost associated with becoming a Designated Collector.

When Should I Renew?


Once issued, the Designated Collector status does not expire.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Am I licensed when I become a Designated Collector?

​No.  A Designated Collector is a status granted to an individual by the Maryland State Police.  This status allows the individual to purchase more than one firearm at a time.  This status does not grant any additional privileges or expedite the processing time required for a regulated firearms purchase.​

Do I get a card with my collector status?

​No.  You will receive a letter explaining that you have been granted the status of a “Designated Collector”.  This status allows for multiple firearm purchases.​


Below you will find links to PDFs of relevant Maryland statutes, provided for your convenience. Please note that laws change over time. The below documents were created on June 12, 2013, and are for reference purposes only. To obtain the most recent text of any legislation, please go online to LexisNexis to access the up-to-date Maryland code.

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Designated Collector Application
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MD Public Safety Code 5-128
MD Public Safety Code 5-128
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MD Public Safety Code 5-129
MD Public Safety Code 5-129
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