Bullet Proof Body Armor Application

ATTENTION: Only a person with a prior conviction for a crime of violence or a drug trafficking crime as defined in the statutes listed on the left side of the page, must apply to use, possess or purchase bullet proof body armor. Before you may use, possess or purchase bullet proof body armor, your application must be approved.

Where to Mail Applications


Completed applications should then be filed (mailed/hand delivered) with the Maryland State Police Licensing Division at the address provided below.​

Maryland State Police
Licensing Division
1111 Reisterstown Road
Pikesville, MD 21208
ATTN: Handgun Permit Unit

Who should Apply


Only individuals who have a prior conviction for a crime of violence or a drug trafficking crime as defined in the statutes at the bottom of the page.

How to Apply


The Handgun Permit Unit will only accept applications completed electronically on the PDF form(s) provided below. Please click HERE​ to access the initial/renewal application.  Make sure all questions are answered accurately, completely and honestly.  Attach all documentation required and clarifications you feel may assist investigators in processing your application. Please provide as much information as possible because too much is better than too little. It is imperative that the application and all applicable documents must be signed under oath before a notary public.

You must include your electronic fingerprint transmission/receipt and two (2) color passport type photographs depicting yourself with no hat or sunglasses, showing head and shoulders and on a light background. The photographs must be no larger than 2 inches by 2 inches.


An application for renewal of a permit to use, possess, or purchase protective body armor shall contain the same information, electronic fingerprint transmission/receipt and type of photographs, as for an original application.

How Much Does It Cost?


There is no fee associated with an original, renewal or duplicate bullet proof body armor application.

When should I Renew?


The initial bullet proof body armor permit expires on the last day of the holder’s birth month following five (5) years after the date the permit is issued. Duplicate permits expire on the date provided on the initial permit.

A bullet proof body armor permit may be renewed for successive periods of five (5) years if the applicant files an application for renewal at any time during the 3 months prior to the expiration of the permit; and at the time of the application, possesses the qualifications for the issuance of a permit.

The renewal process is the responsibility of the applicant and should be started no less than 90 business days from expiration of the permit. The Licensing Division does not send out renewal reminders. The expiration date is printed on the face of the permit.

It is the permit holder’s responsibility to notify the Licensing Division of address changes or employment changes, in writing, within 10 days of any change. You must mail this change to the same address as you would mail your application.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Bullet Proof Body Armor

​Only individuals with a prior conviction for a crime of violence or a drug trafficking crime as defined in the statutes.

Bullet Proof Body Armor

​Crime of violence has the meaning stated in Criminal Law Article, 14-101, Annotated Code of Maryland.

Bullet Proof Body Armor

​Drug trafficking crime has the meaning stated in Criminal Law Article, 5-621, Annotated Code of Maryland.


Below you will find links to PDFs of relevant Maryland statutes, provided for your convenience. Please note that laws change over time. The below documents were created on June 12, 2013, and are for reference purposes only. To obtain the most recent text of any legislation, please go online to LexisNexis to access the up-to-date Maryland code.

Note:  If you are experiencing issues viewing any of the documents on our website please Click Here​.

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MSP Form 29-01
Application to be used to initiate processing for Bullet Proof Body Armor.
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Comar Title 29
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Criminal Law Article 4-106
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Criminal Law Article 4-107
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