Handgun Wear and Carry Permit


  • Effective October 1, 2019, all Maryland Wear and Carry permit applications (original, renewal and subsequent) and requests (modification and replacement) have been moved online and will be submitted via the Licensing Portal.  Paper Wear and Carry permit applications submitted on or after Oct. 1, 2019, will not be accepted and will be returned to the applicant with instructions to submit the Wear and Carry permit application online through the Licensing Portal.

  • Effective October 1, 2016 Fingerprints will no longer be required for renewal application submissions.  Fingerprints are still required for all initial/origin​al Handgun Permit applications. (MD SB208 2016)

  • Please note: expired wear and carry permit applications must be submitted as an original application regardless of the expiration date. Please check the "Frequently Asked Questions" page for further definition.


ATTENTION: Before you may legally wear and carry a regulated firearm, you must possess and maintain on your person the MSP-issued Handgun Wear and Carry Permit. Submission of the application does not authorize you to wear, carry, or transport a handgun.

To Access the Wear and Carry Application click on the link below:

Licensing Portal


Training must be successfully completed prior to submitting the application, unless you are exempt from training. Please click here for information on Wear and Carry Permit Training

Who Should Apply?

Wear and Carry Permits may be issued to any adult (18 years of age or over) who meets the following criteria:

  1. An applicant between 18 and 21 years of age may only be issued a wear and carry permit to possess a regulated firearm required for employment. - P.S. 5-133 (d)(2)(v)
  2. Has not been convicted of a felony or a misdemeanor for which a sentence of imprisonment for more than one year has been imposed; or convicted of a criminal offense for which you could have been sentenced to more than 2 years incarceration.
  3. Has not been convicted of a crime involving the possession, use, or distribution of a controlled dangerous substance;
  4. Is not presently an alcoholic, addict, or habitual user of a controlled dangerous substance unless under legitimate medical direction;
  5. Based on an investigation, has not exhibited a propensity for violence or instability that may reasonably render the person’s possession of a handgun a danger to the person or others;
  6. Has a good and substantial reason​ to wear, carry, or transport a handgun, such as finding that the permit is necessary as a reasonable precaution against danger.
  7. As of October 1, 2013, has successfully completed the Maryland State Police approved firearms training course within 2 years prior to submitting the original or renewal application. 

How To Apply

As of October 1, 2013, all new, renewal, and subsequent applicants must successfully complete required firearms training, within 2 years, prior to submitting the application. 

As of October 1, 2019, all Wear and Carry permit applications (original, renewal and subsequent) and requests (modification and replacement) must be submitted online in the Licensing Portal. All documentation requirements and any clarifications you feel may assist investigators in processing your applications must be uploaded and electronically attached to the application in the Licensing Portal. You may access the Licensing Portal by clicking the link below:

Licensing Portal


The minimum documentation required for the acceptance of the Wear and Carry permit application are:

  • Color passport-size photograph  
  • Electronic fingerprint transmission receipt
  • Certificate of Handgun Training or documentation of exemption  


Please allow 90 days for completion of the application process.

For further guidance in regard to submitting a Wear and Carry permit application or request please refer to the Wear and Carry Portal Users Guide.


How Much Does It Cost?


Fees must be paid by check or money order made payable to the Maryland State Police. Checks must be drawn on active accounts with sufficient funds. If the check is returned for insufficient funds or due to a closed account, the applicant will be required to pay for future requests of the Licensing Division by cashier’s check or money order.

Original/Initial – $75.00 Fingerprint Fees not included
Renewal – $50.00 – Fingerprints No Longer Required
Subsequent – $50.00 – Fingerprint Fees not included
Replacement/Modification – $10.00 – Fingerprints not required

Active/Retired Law Enforcement Officers of this State or a County/Municipality (PS 5-304) – $0.00

Where to Mail Application Payment


Maryland State Police
Licensing Division
1111 Reisterstown Road
Pikesville, MD 21208
ATTN: Handgun Permit Unit

Please ensure all payments have the application number and applicant name printed clearly.  Attach payment to the email generated by the Licensing Portal at the time of application submission. 

When Should I Renew?


The initial Handgun Permit expires on the last day of the holder’s birth month following two (2) years after the date the permit is issued. Permits that have been modified or are a duplicate expire on the date provided on the initial permit.

A Handgun Permit may be renewed for successive periods of three (3) years each if, at the time of an application for renewal, the applicant possesses the qualifications for the issuance of a permit and pays the renewal fee as established in the subtitle.

The renewal process is the responsibility of the applicant and should be started no less than 90 business days from expiration of the permit. Timely renewal is the responsibility of the permit holder. The Licensing Portal will only send out renewal reminders for Wear and Carry permit applications that have been submitted through the online portal.

It is the permit holder’s responsibility to notify the Licensing Division of address changes, in writing, within 30 days of any change. You must mail this change to the same address as you would mail an application.


Where are Firearms Prohibited?

Restriction on the wear, carry and transport of handguns and firearms in certain places appear throughout Maryland law and regulations.  Below are statutes and regulations detailing the handgun and firearm restrictions.  This list should not be considered all-inclusive.  

1. On school property (CR 4-102)

2. Within 1,000 feet of a demonstration in a public place (CR 4-208)

3. In legislative buildings (SG 2-1702)

4. Aboard aircraft (TR 5-1008)

5. In lodging establishments where the innkeeper reasonably believes individuals possess property that may be dangerous to other individuals, such as firearms or explosives (BR 15-203)

6. On dredge boats, other than two 10 gauge shotguns (NR 4-1013)

7. In or around State-owned public buildings and grounds (COMAR

8. On Chesapeake Forest Lands (COMAR

9. In State Forests (COMAR

10. In State Parks (COMAR

11. In State Highway Rest Areas, unless properly secured within vehicle (COMAR

12. In community adult rehabilitation centers (COMAR

13. In child care centers, except for small centers located in residences (COMAR 13A.16.10.04)​

Cases Referencing Good and Substantial Reason


Snowden v Handgun Permit Review Bd of Maryland Dept of Public Safety and Corrections​


Frequently Asked Questions

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Wear and Carry Permit

​No.  Maryland does not recognize permits/CCWs from any other state.​

Wear and Carry Permit

​ Yes, however, Maryland and Federal laws require specific conditions be met while transporting a handgun. Please refer to Maryland Annotated Code, Criminal Law, Title 4, Section 203 for a detailed account of wearing, carrying, or transporting a handgun. You may access the Maryland General Assembly website at http://mlis.state.md.us/ You can access the Federal requirements through www.atf.gov​ and conduct a search for “27 Code of Federal Regulations, Part 178” and then look for “Transportation of Firearms.” The basic requirement during transport is the handgun must be unloaded and in an enclosed case or enclosed holster with the ammunition separate from the handgun AND you must be transporting the handgun to or from the locations listed in the statute.​

Wear and Carry Permit

​Yes, under Title 18, Section 926A, of the United States Code, a person who is not prohibited from possessing, transporting, shipping, or receiving a firearm shall be entitled to transport a firearm for any lawful purpose from any place where he may lawfully possess and carry such firearm to any place where he may lawfully possess and carry such firearm if, during such transportation the firearm is unloaded, neither the firearm nor any ammunition being transported is readily accessible or is directly accessible from the passenger compartment. In the case the vehicle does not have a compartment separate from the driver's compartment the firearm or ammunition shall be contained in a locked compartment other than the glove compartment or console.​

Wear and Carry Permit

​To find a fingerprinting service provider, please Click Here​.

Wear and Carry Permit

​No.  They must be approved by the Dept. of Public Safety and Correctional Services.​

Wear and Carry Permit

​No.  Out-of-state providers are not approved by the Dept. of Public Safety and Correctional Services.​

Wear and Carry Permit

​Click Here​ to see the exemptions

Wear and Carry Permit

​A list of Qualified Handgun Instructors is available online here​.

Wear and Carry Permit

​No.  The handgun instructor must be registered with the Maryland State Police on-line registration.​

Wear and Carry Permit

​ You may leave this area blank.  Send in a copy of the LiveScan receipt with the application.​

Wear and Carry Permit

​You must submit a notarized letter advising the circumstances surrounding the disappearance of the permit.  Submit a $10 check or money order and one (1) passport size photograph taken within the last 30 days.  If you are a security guard, private detective, armored car guard or special police officer, also provide a company letter from your current employer verifying your employment.​

Wear and Carry Permit

​You need to submit the same documentation as when you first applied.​

Wear and Carry Permit

​As long as the renewal application has been received at the Handgun Permit Section at least two (2) weeks prior to the expiration date of the current handgun permit, you are still allowed to carry on the expired permit until you receive your renewed permit.  If the application is returned to you for incompleteness and you resubmit it after the two (2) weeks, you will not be allowed to carry your handgun.​

Wear and Carry Permit
No. All expired wear and carry permit applications must be submitted as an Original application. This includes all Original application fees, fingerprints, training, and documentation requirements.
Wear and Carry Permit

Your current application status can be obtained by logging in to your Licensing Portal account. Please note, wear and carry permit applications can take up to 90 days to process. If your application has been submitted for more than 90 days, please contact the Handgun Permit Unit for further instructions. 


Documents and Statutes


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Employer Form Letter - Sample
Used by Security Guards, Private Detectives, Armored Car Guards and Special Police Officers Only.
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S.O.P. 29-19-004 - Processing of Handgun Permit Applications
S.O.P. 29-19-004 - Processing of Handgun Permit Applications
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Wear and Carry Permit Users Guide
Wear and Carry Portal Users Guide
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Supplemental Background Investigations Application
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